Jan 1, 2000


Joshua T. S. "Soultrain Felix" Elliott

Soultrain fills many gaps at Diversion, from writing stories to reading the stars. If a part of the magazine is uncredited, you can generally assume it came from him. He spends most of his time rubbing linseed oil into his triceps before doing incredibly muscular and cool-looking weights routines. He likes long walks on the beach, writing, travelling, and calling in sick the next day.

Victoria Gannaway
Assistant Editor

Victoria, affectionately known as Vicki, (and by affectionate we mean she'll punch you in the face), has one, uber important responsibility. She's in charge of slapping Soultrain on the back of the head whenever he says something stupid. It's a full-time job. But when she's not watching his head for an opening, she spend her time proofing stories and articles, or working on the website.

Anna McKay
Staff Writer; Book Reviewer

Anna's contributions extend mostly from her two of her greatest passions in life - writing and reading. The former is expressed in her role as a staff writer, pumping in the occasional short story for our enjoyment, and latter as our book reviewer, which is fair enough, as she may well have read more books than she has spent day on this earth. She is a first year college student and junior curator at the college museum.

Amanda Mercer

Staff Writer; Arts

Amanda is our newest staff member. She draws covers for us, as well as our headshots, and writes stories and poems for occasional publication, as well as filling in and helping out wherever we need her. She lives and works as an Art Therapist in Baltimore, is married to crimefighting superhero and is a mother.

J. Alexander MacIsaac
Staff Writer

J - nicknames including "Big Jay," "Jex," and "MacSac" (all as yet unapproved of by J) is a veteran roadtripper and all-round super-cool guy. Soultrain coaxed him into lending us his expertise, wisdom, and pen... or, he may have just asked, you know. MacSac lives in Canada, where he doesn't want to cause you any harm. And he won't. The end.

Brett Woolgar
Colours & Design

Soultrain managed to rope Brett, fellow Australian and Melburnian, into helping out with the more technical aspects of Diversion, seeing as Soultrain's skills are mostly limited to "Computer? CURSE AT IT!" Brett is as thin as a rake, a computer whizz, anime addict, and runs a movie review blog,
42 Review. He attends university as a photography student.

Adam "Rutskarn" DeCamp
Whatever the hell he feels like

Rutskarn is our general humour guy. He barely manages to get his pants on in the morning without outrageous genius, so you can only imagine what'll happened now that we've given him a few pages to fill. Who knows, maybe there'll just be blank pages and you really will have to imagine. He also runs a website,
Chocolate Hammer.


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