Jan 31, 2010

Diversion Magazine is here!

So, here's something you've all been waiting for - except, of course, you haven't. Because I haven't told you about it. But if you pretend you've been waiting a long time, it'll probably be just as exciting - the release of the very first spectacular issue of DIVERSION MAGAZINE!

This is our January edition, though only by the skin of its teeth. We're hoping to eventually release each edition on the first of the month, but no promises. Heck, we're barely able to release this one now - instead of having an actual cover, it has Diversion's Patented "Imagine-A-Cover", including a tasty reference for South Park fans.

Go ahead! Download it! It's less then a megabyte! Anyone who doesn't download is a wimp! You're not a wimp, are you?

Diversion Magazine, January 2010
(and my apologies for the pop-ups on the download page.)

Oh, and I have simillar quote from the fabled Rutskarn on this subject. Eh-eh-ahem.

"We cried salt tears for this here magamazine. You mooks are going to read it, every last word of it, or else I'll sneak into your computer room at night and rearrange your pixels while you sleep."


Anna said...

Feliyo, this might be a problem: According to my computer, the "download" link is broken. And I haven't even gotten to read the thing yet! I! A contributor!

Soultrain Felix said...

It seems to be working okay for me - is anyone else having this problem? If so, send me an email at t.s.elliott@hotmail.com

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