Mar 31, 2010


So I'm afraid March's issue of Diversion is going to take a little longer. Why? Well, I'm still waiting on a few submissions. This is the reason every month. *pulls grumpy editor face* I'm hoping that will get more on track in April but unfortunately there are a few things I cant do for April's until March's has been out a while. Anyway, in a bid to get people to stop holding me up, I'm instituing the ROLL OF SHAME*

Adam DeCamp - Article
Anna McKay - Short Story
Anna McKay - Book Review

Naughty naughty! Uncle Felix sez: Git ti work, y'ingrates!

*ROLL OF SHAME is entirely in jest, any Shame actually suffered is unintenional and probably psychosomatic. Women who may be pregnant should not use the ROLL OF SHAME.


Rutskarn said...

Oy, Felix. Perhaps, if you're going to want to enforce a hard deadline, we should HAVE A HARD DEADLINE.

Just sayin'.

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