May 25, 2010

Issue #4!

Well, it's about dang time but here, finally, is Diversion Magazine #4!

Here's the link to download the issue.

Here's the link to download the flier.

Remember if you have the spare time we really appreciate anyone who can take the time to print out or hand out the flier. Take a few pictures of yourself and email them into me at and I promise I'll see you justly rewarded.

As for the issue itself we are running a little in house comp between myself and previous guest author Jeff Halter this month, which rely upon votes from YOU, the readers, to determine the winner - instructions are given in the Letter from the Editor. Five voters will be chosen at random to win a prize - let it be you!

I'd also like to officially welcome Amanda Mercer as a staff member. She helped us out a lot last month and will continue to do so as long as she wishes.

I've got to warn that there are likely to be some delays on the fifth issue, but hopefully it should be out within the next three weeks. I'm doing my best to try and get this magazine back on track, my goal is that by next year's first issue we'll be at our goal of releasing each ish on the first of the month - wish us luck!

Also, anyone interested in writing a story for Diversion should contact me at for more details.

Cheerio, lads!

p.s. We've got some super cool extra content for this month's issue.

I included only a selected amount of my interview with Staff Member J. Alexander MacIssac this month, if you'd like to read it in full, here it is, thanks to Google Documents.

Rutskarn's article this month contains a series of images which were illfitted to be released in Diversion. I did my best to fit them in, but if you'd like to see them in ful, go here, thanks to Photobucket.


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